Sadly, under the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, almost as much as 3 billion people were put under quarantine, and some can leave their homes only when necessary. It might seem in people ‘s minds that staying at home will be dull or just simply boring, however, there are even more fun activities that everyone can to do during quarantine,

1. Audio-visual education

Besides entertainment and watching movies all day long, you can use video platforms to educate yourself - in various fields including history, astronomy, biology and even how to make videos or any skill you want. There are other platforms such as Curiosity Stream if you are interested in documentaries, and Skillshare if you want to learn advanced skills in any field (some of the platforms might not be for free of charge).

2. Learn a new language

You might want to learn a foreign language, but due to lack of time you could not. Now, during the quarantine, you have all the time to learn the language you want. How, may you ask? Make a schedule, and if you have friends or acquaintances who know this language, you can practice with them, if not you can join groups in social media, where you can meet native or fluent speakers as well as learners of that language and practice with them. Moreover, there are free of charge mobile apps where you can polish or start to learn the language of interest or there might be some cheap or even free language courses on the Internet. These days, you don ‘t need to travel all around the globe to learn and speak more languages, a few searches can greatly improve your path to fluent speaker.

3. Work

You can also earn money while you are quarantined. Many people have lost their jobs during the pandemic, but on the other hand, depending on where you live, there can be a lot of opportunities as many companies switch to work from home. If you have some basic computer skills, you have more chances to be hired during the pandemic and work very comfortable from your home.

4. Talk to your loved ones

During quarantine there are restrictions to travel or meet lots of people, but it does not mean that you are isolated and all alone. Through various apps you can text, call or video chat with all of your family, relatives and friends, moreover, there is a possibility to share your screen and show what you are up to in your life to people that you care about or play games and watch videos together as you used to.

5. Celebrate

Do you have any upcoming days that you are celebrating? Quarantine does not ruin all the celebrations by default: you can celebrate with the people you are living, or you can throw an online party with online activities. Also, during lockdown you can turn any day to celebration and spread happiness, make a treat for yourself or share happy instance to others.

6. Spring-cleaning

Since people spend most of the time nowadays, it is a great time to start spring-cleaning the space. There might be some old papers that need recycling or maybe there are some clothes that you will never wear again. Also, even if your living space is pristine and spring-cleaned, you can also look at your phone, computer, and online spaces, put everything to places, delete unnecessary data, archive your old files conveniently.

7. Be creative

Have you wanted to write a novel, a book, paint or create something? Now, during the quarantine you can concentrate on that, you can even learn the needed skills and put them in practice, the best way is to put deadlines and pretend that you must submit this creative work by a certain date, so that you can challenge yourself to finish your work on time.


Written by Mohamed Zakaria Belmehdi and Ieva Pociūtė