This Thursday a bunch of Erasmus students and members of Social Erasmus at Vilnius University went a little bit further – they visited a Social day-care centre “Svajonių laivas”. The time passed unimaginably quickly but sticked as the best memory!

What activities did we take? After a really warm welcome children were excited to know where Erasmus students are from and, of course, whether they like Lithuania. And it seems that they certainly do!

While holding a multilingual conversation, students and children were making friendship bracelets as a symbol of the beginning of their new friendship. Moreover, just after the bracelets were finished, it was time for some funny games. While the music is on, a teddy bear goes from hand to hand. When the music stops, the person with a teddy bear must choose a person for a hug! So many сheerful emotions and new interpretations of hugs! Later on, the rules were changed to make the game more competitive. This time the person, who still has the toy in his hands, is out of the game. That was a some fierce competition! And congratulations to the winner from Ukraine!

As their teacher said, children were looking forward to meeting students ever since they were told about the students coming over. Children‘s songs and dances were the best proof of her words. That afternoon was really well spent, and a good start of monthly visits to „Svajonių laivas“.