The idea of the Street Musician's Day (SMD) had been stirring in the head of the popular Lithuanian musician Andrius Mamontovas for a quite long time, and has evolved spontaneously, after writing an invitation to his friends. This letter flew across Lithuania, and already in 2007, on the first Saturday of May, Vilnius celebrated the Street Musician's Day. The idea of this festival is simple – anyone wishing come out into the streets and play some music. Anyone, who plays an instrument for himself or in a circle of friends, no matter whether one can play several accords or already is a professional musician, may become a participant of the festival.

The Street Musician's Day has become one of the largest events that takes place simultaneously in a number of Lithuanian cities. The SMD is the day when going out to the city one can find new impressions and musical discoveries around each corner, each street or yard.

This year, ESN Lithuania leading ESN Vilnius University decided to come along with SMD and perform in Vokiečių st !

Remarkable young and exciting called TRYSMES perform in front of the flag of ESN and gathered around crowds of people - light songs and up lifting voices helped to forget windy chilly weather and enjoy the SMD.

With a small group of students involved, ESN Vilnius University dreams about having a lot more company next year. Well, all we can do is buy a pack of new strings and wait for the next SMD !