Speed Friending, a brand new event organised by ESN VU, proved to be instant success. Over one hundred ERASMUS students and mentors accepted the challenge and were brave enough to come and meet new people. Basically, Speed Friending goes like this: people with their name tags on are seated randomly to the table from both sides and are given three minutes to talk to the person sitting in front. After the time finishes, people change their seats and the process continues. To help keep up with the conversation, papers with interesting questions were handed, however, it looked like they were not always useful, since students had no trouble maintaining the talk on their own.

We were happy to see that very different people were interested in participating in Speed Friending – not only Spanish, French and Italian ERASMUS students decided to come, but some of us also had an opportunity to meet people from countries like United States, Latvia, South Korea, Czech Republic and many other beautiful places in the world. What an international evening it was!

After the official „friending“ part, people kept talking to each other, playing table football or watching it on the big screen together, so we believe it is fair to say that the event went better than expected and a lot of future friendships were started here. On this cold and snowy Wednesday evening everyone in Crazy Bull’s bar were warmed up by true laughter and open hearts…

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