OMG! People! Can you imagine?!! The warmth is finally here in Lithuania!!!! Who could have thought that the cold and always clouded country is actually not that cold and we also have sun here???!!! Thus, we want to show you one more amazing thing about Lithuania – it´s beautiful seaside… Can you imagine the sun, the water and 100 happy Erasmus students? Well you should, because they´re you on May! Don´t hesitate and join our friendly group, discover another part of Lithuania and have a wonderful time with mentors and Erasmus people! Here´s a little information about the trip, if you have any questions, you can always ask 

Remember: 3 days - 3 great cities, lots of fun and…. unforgettable experience 

What places are we going to visit?? 
Klaipėda - third largest in Lithuania and very cozy port city. Palanga - our summer party & chilling resort. Curonian Spit (Kuršių Nerija) - Unesco World Heritage Site, 100km long peninsula with it's unique landscapes.

What about the date? May 15-17

Price includes
- Transportation for 3 days
- Guide tours
- Entrance fee to Kuršių Nerija 
- 2 nights at 4* hotel in the center ( - 2 x Breakfas
- Both ways ferry to Kuršių Nerija(Curonian Spit)

More information and registration will be announced soon.
ESN MRU Vilnius and ESN VU Dream Teams!

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15/05/2015 to 17/05/2015