On the 20 th of February ESN Vilnius University organized a trip for Erasmus students to KGB museum. Organizers goal was to introduce Erasmus students with some facts about Lithuania when it was a part of the Soviet Union and to show how Lithuanian partisans and fighters for freedom were tortured.

The excursion began at the cold KGB museum cellar where the prisoners were kept and excruciated. At first an English speaking guide showed students the cells and gave brief information about the people that were imprisoned there. She showed pictures of the most famous Lithuanian partisan’s leaders, revealed the ways how they were tortured and how KGB got rid of their bodies. Later all the Erasmus students were invited to go to the most memorable place of the museum – a room where KGB agents executed Lithuanians. There guide showed a short video from a movie called “Katyn” to recreate the emotions of those pointless murders. Then all the students were asked to go upstairs to the second floor where they were able to hear some interesting facts about the time of Soviet and Nazi occupations, about deportations to Siberia and how Lithuanians survived it all.

After the excursion students looked concerned and anxious. When they were asked about their impressions of the museum Lilly, a student from Croatia, told: ”I didn’t expect that. I really didn’t have a clue that such terrible things were happening here. It seems that we lived in completely different world.” Other students were just speechless and were unable to say something else but “terrible” or “tragical”.

To sum up, ESN team and Erasmus students had a memorable time together. Erasmus students were thankful for this short but very infortimative “lesson” about Lithuania and it’s people.