First night of our Orientation week started with Karaoke night. ESN Vilnius University Vice President Živilė started this event by saying short speech. After that board was singing two songs. Everyone who wanted to sing a song they had a chance to do it by writing their names and songs which they wanted to sing on a paper. Students showed that they‘ve got in front of everyone who came to this event.

I asked some Erasmus students about this events so here you can read their answers to my question – What can you say about Karaoke Night? Arta from Latvia responded – „It was good. I liked it. All the time I was with my friends, we danced. In Brodvėjus pub was many people like new Erasmus“. Evita from Lebanon – „I had a lot of fun, atmosphere was great, everyone seemed happy, everyone was social. I mean it isn‘t the first time I go, but the fact that it was packed etc. made it more fun.“ Erasmus students from Turkey Alican – „It was good actually, although I don‘t like to sing, but I have met many people so far. The atmosphere was nice and friendly“ and Eda – „It was fun, me and my roommate Tuba enjoyed it also we met new friends“. Erasmus student form Syria Bassel sad – „It was pretty good, I got fun more than I was expecting. I built a lot of friendships there with people from different countries, moreover I heard amazing songs from some professional students as they were singers. It was in general nice experience to be closer from different kind of people“.

All in all, in Brodvėjus pub was warm atmosphere because of new Erasmus students and great songs which made everyone dance.

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