The day has arrived - the day when International Students were able to represent their countries with big smiles on their faces! It all happened at the same place, at the same time - Crazy bull at  21:45.
Everyone - the audience, guests, friends and ESN'ers were able to see the presentation of Great Britain - we know now more about this great big island! Right afterwards, Armenian people showed what kind of magnificent country they are from! The Japanese students caught everyone's attention with an exceptional dance - no lights, only shiny sticks and the Japanese flag were shown! And the Japanese sushi was simply amazing! The Ukrainian presentation was the last one and now we know what their traditional food tastes like, what kind of clothes they wear and we were told a lot about their history! Thank you everyone for your participation!

But what can be better than the International Gathering No5? Only International Gathering No. 6! So see you there!

Crazy Bull, Didžioji g.28