The 22th of October was all about the International Gathering #4!
It has been said “Once Erasmus always Erasmus” so by attending the INTERNATIONAL GATHERING you can have a unforgettable time and broaden the horizons of your Erasmus life! Why stop with just attending the event – why not be a speaker with a microphone, and feel that little worry and excitement you will remember with a smile later on?!
Was this event different from the others? It wasn’t. It was as interesting as always!
This time one could not only see but also try Polish and Italian dances. One could also see how Italians talk to each other without saying a single word! Korean people showed us what taekwondo looks like and what kind of traditional clothes they wear – it is fascinating! Canadians also showed us a presentation about their country!
This event went smoothly, everyone was very active and friendly – have you missed the International Gathering No.4? Don’t you worry! We are looking forward to seeing you at the International Gathering No.5!  

Crazy Bull, Didžioji g.28