Even the day starts with a huge smile on your face when you know that in the evening you will have an unforgettable culinary journey around the world. On the 5 th of February ESN Vilnius University organized an “International Fair”, where Erasmus students from different parts of the world had a chance to represent their countries with their best traditional dishes.

During the event you needed to take only one small step to go from one continent to another: you were able to try American “mac and cheese” on one corner of the hall and on the other you could try Greek sauce that is called “tzatziki”. It was better than in any restaurant in the world, because the whole food was made with true love and passion. Every participant in the “International Fair” was excited to share their recipes with everybody and if there were any questions about their motherland they gladly answered and even gave more interesting and unheard information. It was really an amazing experience to watch how proud everyone is of their country and how happy they are while doing it.

ESN Vilnius University and Erasmus students had a great time together again. “International Fair” helped us to experience the most exciting culinary journey of our lives and according to the students it was one of the most memorable events of the year.

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