This cold weekend was sure heated up by the ESN VU Indoor Football Tournament, in which 11 teams and their supporters took part in. There was a lot of passion and eagerness to win all around but the winner was clear only on Sunday afternoon… All of the top four teams looked really strong – the international Geda team, led by Italians and a Colombian; Football Legends that consisted mainly of Lithuanian football fanatics; Iberican Team – which, well, the name speaks for itself, grew up with the Iberican traditions of football and Big Daddies, the Georgian team that has been attending every tournament for more than two semesters and really has had a lot of experience… So who was the winner? After Iberican Team lost to Lithuanian Football legends in the battle for the third place, only the outcome of the final was unclear. Big Daddies started out strongly, but Geda soon showed that they are superior and won not just the match, but also the whole tournament. It looked like everyone had fun, after all, we all know it is nice to win but nothing beats the pleasure of participating!


21/11/2015 to 22/11/2015
Blue hall, Saulėtekio 26