Have you ever had an idea where and how all the important people of Lithuania work? Or have you ever thought about bigger ideas, where and how laws are accepted in Lithuania? You have a wonderful opportunity to get answers to all of your questions! ESN VU organizes excursion to Lithuanian parliament called... SEIMAS!!! During the tour you will be able to know more about our history, you will even enter the same hall, where LITHUANIAN INDEPENDENCE was restored and we broke up from Soviet Union oppression! Interested? Really? Then join us! 

[IMPORTANT] Once you have registered, you WILL HAVE to participate. 
[IMPORTANT] Do not forget to bring with yourself your Identity Card or Passport. Without it you will not be let in. 

All is needed just to write your surname and name to [email protected].
Letter subject: Parliament

Registration deadline: 1 st of May

CONTACT PERSONhttps://www.facebook.com/dominykas.bolsakovas

Excursion will star at: 13:00, but let's gather into a spot as late as 12:45
Location: Nepriklausomybės aikštė (Independence square) Gedimino av. 53.

More information on FB.