Erasmus Prom Night

The tuxedos, the hair, the curls, the smiles! Yes it was Prom Night at ESN Vilnius University, also known as the  „Erasmus Prom Night" event. Prom fever hit with its rhythms along with the Responsible Party crew. Everyone voted for their favorite student to elect the Prom King and Queen. Together, they ruled the dance floor!

And the Responsible Crew? The students got to learn about another kind of party, one with as little alcohol as possible. Alcotesters were available for everyone to use. Games included competitions for prizes on a spinning wheel, and a chance to meet the Responsible Crew and get pictures! The nominations were Cutest, Friendliest, Biggest Hair, and Best Jokes, both students and mentors participating (There are a few nominations left in our office – don‘t forget to come and take them!).

Thank you everyone for the enjoyable time with us! We're doing what we do just for you!

Universiteto Pub, Dominikonų g. 9