The term of the board of the 2015 Spring semester is coming to an end and we now have a new enthusiastic team of ESN Vilnius University leaders. Meet the new board of  the 2015 Autumn semester:
ESN VU President Živilė Rugieniūtė
ESN VU Vice-president Paulina Overaitė
Leisure affairs coordinator Živilė Latakaitė
IT coordinator Paulius Šiurkus
SocialErasmus coordinator Greta Burbaitė
Partnerships coordinator Aistė Vaznelytė
Travels coordinator Ugnius Talačka
Public Relations coordinator Vilija Svinkūnaitė

The Autumn semester will definitely be a challenge for our new board, but we know that they will do everything in their power to turn it into the best semester for all the International Students of Vilnius University.