ESN Vilnius University ESNers recruitment is happening NOW! Fill in the “Become an ESNer” form and join our international family! You can do it here

Wanna be a part of one of the biggest student organizations in Europe? Are you interested in event organizing? Or maybe you want to try your luck with social media platforms and websites? You’re good with people and love organizing family meetings? Or maybe you love to contact new people and start new partnerships with them? If yes, you’re lucky because you just found ESN Vilnius University where you can try all of that and beyond. Now you just need to become an ESN’er.

What’s an ESN’er?

It’s a member of one or several ESN Vilnius University committees that works on a voluntary basis in order to provide international students with various leisure, social and other activities as well as ensure the well being of the section.

You can find description of the committees here