ESN Vilnius University consists of 6 committees. Each of them has one or two coordinators that are part of a coordinating team that supports the Board of the section. ESN’ers can participate in the activities of one or more committees.


Human Resources Committee

  • Takes care of Human Resources of the section (organizes general meetings, training sessions, ESNers Weekends, team-buildings, etc.);
  • Organizes ESN Vilnius University Local Platforms;
  • Coordinates the ESNbuddy programme and the work of Senior Buddies;
  • Carries out satisfaction surveys for members and exchange students, analyzes statistics and prepare reports that are used to improve the work of the section;
  • Collects information about members.

Public Relations and Information Technologies Committee

  • Manages ESN Vilnius University social media channels, section’s website and Youtube channel;
  • Takes pictures during events, makes videos, visuals and posters for ESN Vilnius University;
  • Writes various articles about ESN Vilnius University activities and initiatives;
  • Manages merchandise;
  • Provides IT support during events;
  • Consults other members and students with IT matters.

SocialErasmus and Projects Committee

  • Organizes social initiatives that gives international students a chance to give back to the local society (for example visits to social centers, animal shelters, blood donation initiatives);
  • Organizes activities that bring social awareness and educate international students about different parts of local communities and brings them together (for example sign language courses, senior citizens mentorship programme, discussions about racism and discrimination issues, etc.)
  • Coordinates the implementation of local, national and international projects:
  • Multilingual Lithuania (language learning project)
  • Erasmus in Schools (visiting schools with international students, sharing mobility and cultural experiences)
  • Manages international mobility promotion in the section.

Partnerships Committee

  • Communicates with current ESN Vilnius University and ESN Lithuania partners;
  • Looks for new ESNcard discount opportunities for ESNcard;
  • Looks for new partnership opportunities and takes part in meetings with various businesses in Lithuania;
  • Encourages our members and students to use partners services;
  • Manages ESNcards.

Leisure Affairs Committee

  • Encourages international students to live a healthy lifestyle (organizes various sports tournaments like football, basketball, volleyball, visits to adventure parks, kayak trips, etc.)
  • Organizes various leisure activities for international students (for example karaoke parties, bowling tournaments, skiing, laser tag, etc.)
  • Encourages international students to share their culture with others through Cultural Evenings;
  • Gives a chance to experience local sights through various excursions around the city or by organizing visits to famous Lithuanian museums;

Kaunas Committee

  • By collaborating with all other committees implements leisure, social and other activities or initiatives in Vilnius University Kaunas Faculty.
  • Manages Kaunas ESNbuddy programme.

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