About ESNbuddy programme:

A Buddy is a local student who, on a voluntary basis, helps an exchange student throughout his/her stay in the new country. ESNbuddy is not only a person who meets the foreign student at the day of his/her arrival, but also a Buddy is the first friend in the country where an exchange student will spend 1 semester or maybe more. The Buddy meets the foreign student at the airport or bus/train station, helps him settle down in the dromitory, gives all necessary information about official and non-official students’ life in Lithuania. Also, the Buddy helps the student understand all issues of academic life and make all important documents (students card LSP, if necessary visa etc.).

If needed, the Buddy helps for the foreign student to find accommodation in Vilnius city. Do not leave our students to freeze in a snowdrift! The Buddy for Exchange students is one of the most important people in Lithuania! We are a generation which can connect different cultures. It is an experience which you should live more than once!

We care, we help, we share! Join us! If you have any questions related with ESNbuddy program, feel free to contact us [email protected].