ESN Vilnius University team consists of Board, Coordinators, ESNers and ESNbuddies. All of them are either students of Vilnius University or just mobility minded people that work under one goal of “enriching the society through international students”. Our slogan is “We care, we help, we share” and we live by it every day to make international students experience in Lithuania as beneficial as possible and to share mobility opportunities with local students.


Consists of President,Vice President, VU SA PKP Coordinator and two regular Board members. Together they’re responsible for the management of the section.

You can become a Board member by raising your candidature during an Open Call and being elected during the Local Platform.


Consists of Leisure Affairs, Vice Leisure Affairs, Public Relations, Information Technologies, SocialErasmus, Projects, Human Resources, Partnerships and Kaunas Faculty coordinators. All together they are supporting the Board and managing their respective committees.

You can become a coordinator by raising your candidature during an Open Call and being elected during the Local Platform/Board meeting by the Board.

ESN Vilnius University Board

team member

Ona Marija Ladigaitė


team member

Gajanė Margarjana

Board member

ESN Vilnius university Coordinators

team member

Neringa Budreckytė

Leisure Affairs Coordinator

team member

Monika Gineikaitė

Vice Leisure Affairs Coordinator

team member

Simonas Bendinskas

IT coordinator

team member

Lukrecija Lukoševičiūtė

SocialErasmus Coordinator

team member

Justina Elena Tereikytė

Kaunas Coordinator

team member

Ieva Pociūtė

Multilingual Lithuania Project Coordinator