Our Team

ESN VU members are students of Vilnius University. They are either mentors or ESN’ers (or both).

Mentors take care of exchange students who come to Vilnius University. They help them adapt in a new country, university, provide information about the most common academic and cultural things. A mentor is the first person an exchange student meets in Lithuania, a person they can always count on during their exchange period and, most of the time, become friends for life even when their Erasmus experience is over. 

ESN’ers organize leisure activities for exchange students and take care of  the organization in general. This includes planning cultural and sport activities, initiating social projects and also doing everything else that helps exchange students feel better in Lithuania. ESN’ers can join our committees: Leisure affairs, Social Erasmus, Travels, Human Resources, Public Relations, Projects, Partnerships, IT and improve themselves in many different spheres, also applying theoretical knowledge gained at university in practice. 

Each active member can get a certificate after every semester, which gives extra value to their motivation for going on Erasmus themselves.

If you want to join us, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] and fill out the registration form.

ESN Vilnius University Board

team member

Ona Marija Ladigaitė

team member

Rytis Deržinauskas

Vice President and Local Representative

team member

Neringa Budreckytė

Public Relations Coordinator

team member

Augustė Petriškytė

team member

Martynas Arbačiauskas

Human Resources Coordinator

team member

Simonas Bendinskas

IT coordinator

team member

Gytis Mockus

team member

Aniket Chauhan

Kaunas Mentors Coordinator

team member

Laima Jasionytė

VU SA PKP Coordinator