RENTVILNIUS.COM team provides a full package of property rental services in Vilnius.

Our market experience and trusted relationships with landlords and real estate agents allows us to provide a fast and convenient service to all our clients.


Provision of detailed information about apartment and rent conditions

Our clients are given detailed information about the apartments and rental conditions.

Search of properties upon a private request

Not all properties can be publicly displayed on our website. We have a database of non-marketed properties that are available upon a private request. If you can’t find a property you like on our website, contact us with your criteria via email or phone.

Eased communication with property owners

Majority of landlords in Lithuania do not speak English thus making it difficult for international students to find a place to rent. Communication with the landlord is very important when defying the terms of the tenancy agreement and making sure everything is negotiated correctly.

Preparation and thorough explanation of the tenancy agreement in two languages

An English – Lithuanian tenancy agreement ensures that both parties understand the terms and conditions. It is a guarantee for the tenant to receive a legally secure place to stay for a chosen period of time.

Assistance in organizing utility and other rental payments

Our clients are given an easy-to-use guide on utility payments and ensured that all payments are paid and recorded correctly and on time.

Possible roommate search

If a tenant cannot afford a place on his own we arrange meetings with potential roommates based on the tenant’s requirements.

24/7 emergency call out service

Our clients are assisted in emergency situations.

Deposit payback management

We make sure the landlord pays back the deposit according to the tenancy agreement.

Please feel free to contact our team prior to your arrival.

The time zone in Lithuania, Vilnius: GMT +02:00