Basilico is a restaurant, located in Goštauto 40c, Vilnius. It is perfectly suitable for family dinners or official meetings with business partners! Here you can celebrate all your family holidays, discuss important business matters and what is more, you can enjoy traditional Italian meals and great Italian wines in a cozy authentic environment. There are 200 seats in this restaurant! The plates just scream tradition and modernity, freedom and rationality! In this restaurant you can find meals that tell stories! It's a journey with the fantastic art of cooking that is interpreted differently every time just like the hillsides of Sardinia! We only use fresh carefully sourced and seasoned ingredients to make all our beautiful tasteful Italian dishes!

You are welcome!

You can get a 10% discount off all dishes (except day specials with the ESNcard).

By the way, you can get a special price of 1,45€ for food delivery with the ESNcard  (the minimum order is 11€) or even get it delivered for free(the minimum order is 29€)!