If you are interested in history, especially history of Second World War and Cold War, then this excursion is the best choice for you. The Museum of Genocide Victims is arguably the darkest in Vilnius. The KGB - the Soviet Secret Police - stayed in Lithuania from 1944 until 1991 when Lithuania became independent from the Soviet Union. 

The museum is divided into two parts – the upper two floors document the Lithuanian partisans’ resistance against the Soviet occupiers, the deportations of Lithuanians to Siberia and day-to-day life in the LTSR. The other part of the museum are the prison cells, and execution and torture chambers in the basement.

Visitors can visit:

- the former KGB prison
- the premises where death sentences were implemented,
- modern exhibitions telling about the loss of independence in the middle of the 20th century, repressions by Soviet authorities, and the self-sacrificing and persistent fight for independence

Date and time: 14th of April, 15:15 (excursion starts at 15:30)
Meeting point: Outside of the Museum of the Genocide Victims ( Aukų str. 2A, Vilnius)

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