Are you ready for one more wild night together with ESN Vilnius University? This time, we present a 90's Party along with Karaoke! 

Teletubbies, Backstreet Boys, Madonna, Friends, Game Boy Color, Britney Spears or Oasis...You all remember those times because most of you were born in the 90's.

Let's celebrate this decade together!

Two things are needed in order to make this party awesome: YOU and your KARAOKE SKILLS.

To round things up, we will have some specials for you, including prizes for the BEST 90's OUTFITS!

So, find your trashiest clothes, come along and have a legendary 90's party together!

DATE: Thursday, 19th April
TIME: 21:00
WHERE: Brodvėjus, Vokiečių g. 4, Vilnius