Travelling is the best way to express yourself by finding new places, new people, new adventures. All in all, travelling symbolizes everything NEW in your life.
This is exactly why ESN Vilnius University challenged you to visit Trakai by train. There also was another small challenge since a lot of distance had to be covered before reaching the castle in the center of the town. It was a challenge with a lot of International students! With so many students that it would be a shame not to take a group photo of your smiley faces!
After a few challenges Trakai surprised us with its spectacular castle which is surrounded by the Galvė lake! One can feel the power of Lithuania’s history in the fortress, which was presented by the guide. There were even three guided tours. After being introduced to the charming redbrick castle everyone was feeling hungry! Many small groups coalesced into the town itself with the purpose to try out the traditional food of Karaimai called kibinai! After a long day everyone felt exhausted, productive and very impressed at the same time.
Many people were so amazed with this small but cozy town that they couldn’t resist to come back!

Full album: [OW 2015 Autumn] Trip to Trakai