ESN Vilnius University would like to invite ESN Lithuania community to attend our Local Platform No.1, to see what we have done over the year and help us elect the new Board for upcoming 2017/2018 year!

ESN Vilnius University would also like to invite mentors-to-be for the mentors' training, starting at 16:00.

ESN Vilnius University members are available to apply for any of these Board positions:
* Travels Coordinator
* Leisure Affairs Coordinator
* Public Relations Coordinator
* Human Resources Coordinator
* IT Coordinator
* Projects Coordinator
* Partnerships Coordinator 
* SocialErasmus Coordinator

To apply, send your CV and motivational letter to [email protected] until May 31st 23:59.

For more information about positions, contact us by [email protected].

Registration form (for guests, mentors and candidates):


During the event we will also have Award ceremony. You can nominate ESN Vilnius University members by filling in this form:

Contact details: