What is the best way to get to know the city if not City Games? The 3rd event of Orientation Week is already here! 

Let's use all opportunities to stay outside while there is a good weather in Vilnius! 

Orientation activities, walking around the city, getting to know new places, getting to know new people, new culture! During City Games you'll find many interesting places that not everybody can find just by visiting Vilnius! It's not only about monuments, but also about the places where young people stay the most! Don't lose your chance and join us!

We will be waiting you on 1st September at 13:00 near the Bell Tower of Vilnius Cathedral.

****The location seems difficult to find? Don't worry, we will be waiting for you in comfortable meeting points:
Saulėtekis ave. 4 – 12:20
Saulėtekis ave. 39 – 12:00
Olandų str. 51- 12:20
Didlaukio str. 59 – 12:00
*Leaving exactly at the times mentioned above*


01/09/2018 - 13:00
Bell Tower Of Vilnius Cathedral