The inscription to the "15th World InterUniversities Tournament - EURO ROMA" which is going to be held from 12th to 15th November 2015, in Rome, Italy has been officially opened.

In the 2014's edition, 2.000 students of 68 universities joined the event, coming from 28 Countries of all over Europe, Africa and Asia.

"EURO ROMA 2015" is a Tournament of: Football (male – 11 players), Futsal (male and female), Basketball (male and female), Volleyball (male and female), Handball (male), Athletics (mix), Tennis (mix), Tennis Table (mix) and Cheerleading Dance Contest.

In the attachment you can find the Invitational with all information regarding Inscription fees, Accomodations, PriceMoney; for all universities that needs the VISA procedures, we are ready to help you with the Italian embassy of your country.

Information are also available soon at (the website is constantly updated) and also on Facebook (page "EURO ROMA"

We are waiting for your answer and we hope to see you in Roma in November!

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12/11/2015 to 15/11/2015