Hi there! 

ESN Vilnius University is organizing an EXTRAORDINARY Farewell Party during which we will commemorate the experiences we had during the Spring semester. 

We all know that PEOPLE make our ERASMUS experiences unforgettable. This year, we would like to emphasize that by organizing the ''ERASMUS Awards'" during which we will award the people that truly made YOUR experience in Vilnius remarkable.

There are the 10 categories:

  • The Friendliest Erasmus - The student who is always waving you across the street...  even if you sometimes forget to notice. 
  • Mr/Ms Salento - The guy/girl who LIVES in Salento. 
  • The Singer - The student with the voice of an Angel...
  • The best ESNbuddy - Someone who has always been there to help you. Whether that involves helping you get comfortable in your prestigious dormitory apartments, going to the hospital after a long night out, or helping you clean your laundry because you have no idea how to... 
  • The Funniest -  The person who cracks jokes even when they are not so appropriate. 
  • Mr/Ms English Accent - The person with the most interesting/funniest English accent. Sometimes, you might not even understand whether they are speaking English!
  • Best Country Presentation - The country which was the most unique and interesting to watch during the Cultural Evenings in Kas Kas!
  • IG Queen/King - Someone who not only has a popping Insta Feed but also who takes stories so often that you might have yourself in a couple of them.... And girl.. you did not look good in any of them!
  • Erasmus Mom/Dad - The person who has not only been taking care of themselves this whole semester but also has been taking care of you and ALLL of your friends. This person was the one who did not let you grab another drink when you were passing out and who has brought you home from the club more than once. 
  • The Best Student - You always wonder whether this person has been to a single lecture this semester. You always see them in the dormitory, but you have never seen them in the faculty.

You have 7 days to submit the names of the students you nominate. The students whose names were mentioned the most will go to a second round. 

Best of Luck!