ESN Vilnius University consists of 8 committees. Each of them has a coordinator, who is also a board member. ESN’ers can participate in the activities of one or more committees. If you are not sure which of them is the best for you, do not

 hesitate to contact our board members. 


Human Resources Committee

  • Looks for new mentors and ESN’ers, handles interviews, training sessions;
  • Organizes ESN VU board elections;
  • Coordinates the work of Senior Mentors;
  • Organizes meetings for the members of ESN VU;
  • Carries out satisfaction surveys for members and exchange students, analyzes statistics and presents the results to the board of ESN VU;
  • Collects information about members.


Public Relations Committee

  • Works in order to make the name of ESN VU more visible;
  • Takes pictures during events, makes videos and posters for ESN VU;
  • Writes various articles about ESN VU and its activity;
  • Takes care of the ESN Vilnius University Facebook page;
  • Answers Facebook messages;
  • Responsible for merchandise.


SocialErasmus Committee

  • Communicates with the National Social Erasmus coordinator and social coordinators of other ESN sections in Lithuania;
  • Organizes local social projects (for example visits to social centers, animal shelters, Erasmus postcards, White coins, "DAROM");
  • Participates in national Social Erasmus events (for example: Blood donation day, Share your warmth, Social Erasmus Week);
  • Implements the “Erasmus in Schools” project – visits to high schools in Lithuania.


Travels Committee

  • Organizes tours in Lithuania (for example Seaside trip (Nida, Klaipėda, Palanga), Kaunas (basketball game), Druskininkai, Trakai);
  • Responsible for trips abroad with Timetravels;
  • Contributes to one of the biggest trips of ESN – Sea Battle (student cruise from Tallinn to Stockholm);
  • Participates in trips.


Partnerships & Finances Committee

  • Communicates with the National Partnerships coordinator of ESN Lithuania;
  • Communicates with current ESN VU and ESN Lithuania partners;
  • Looks for new discount opportunities for ESN Card and shares information;
  • Looks for new partnership opportunities and takes part in meetings with various businesses in Lithuania;
  • Encourages our members and students to use partners services;
  • Manages ESN cards.

Leisurre Affairs committee

  • Organizes sport tournaments for exchange students (basketball, football, volleyball);
  • Organizes other leisure activities (for example paintball, skiing, bowling, laser tag and etc.);
  • Thinks of new ideas of events depending on the preferences of Erasmus students;
  • Participates in and helps during national events.


IT Committee

  • Uploads new information and takes care of the website;
  • Responsible for audio/video equipment during events;
  • Consults other members and students with IT matters;
  • Administrates the ESN VU Youtube page.


Projects Committee

  • Coordinates the Multilingual Lithuania language project.
  • Organizes other local, national and international projects (for example Responsible Party, Sea Battle, ExchangeAbility, Mov’in Europe);
  • Looks for Youth in Action projects and shares this information within the network.