Board members:

Ona Marija Ladigaitė

Position: Vice-president

E-mail: [email protected]

Motto: Put a smile on your face, pour yourself a cup of coffee and take those ups and downs by storm.

What is ESN to me: ESN is a multicultural land of wonders where I can constantly rediscover my strengths and tackle my weaknesses.





Neringa Budreckytė

Position: Public Relations Coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Motto: If you never try, you will never know!

What is ESN to me: ESN is a real discovery of my life. Different people make my life amazing! I am growing here as a personality. Every time stronger and more determined!





Augustė Petriškytė

Position: Travels coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Motto:  Life is simple, it's just not easy!

What is ESN to me: ESN to me means creating my own opportunities and helping others to reach theirs.





Rytis Deržinauskas

Position: IT coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Motto: If you’re happy, you’ve made it

What is ESN to me: ESN for me is an opportunity to find new friends, learn new things and express myself!





Marius Graf

Position: Leisure Affairs coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Motto: Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.

What is ESN to me: For me, ESN is a place to share the love for Europe and to gain cultural understanding





Jolita Račkevičiūtė

Position: Partnerships coordinator

Email: [email protected]

Motto: Just do it

What is ESN to me: A place that attracts me with its colorfulness. Here, you will always discover something new about yourself and the world around us.