This blog has been created mostly by international students and ESN'ers of Vilnius University, who wanted to share their thoughts about places and activities discovered in Vilnius with everyone. Read it, use it and enjoy it!

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Meet the project: Movie-in

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You are with a group of friends hanging out in Sauletekio 39. Wednesday evening. Nothing else to do but wandering the halls. “Hey, Angelo, what if we organize any screening one day?” And that day never showed up. Till Yalin just said to himself: “okay, let’s do it”.

Being locked in the dark can also be fun!

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Hello, people!

Thinking of what to do some rainy evening when your favorite TV series season finished and you are tired of just staying home and waiting for the rain to stop? I have an offer for you! Take your friends and try to get locked in some room all together. Yeah, it is almost exactly as it sounds.

Though... firstly, I think I should tell a little bit about who I am. My name is Živilė and I am one of the mentors of ESN Vilnius University. I discovered escape rooms with the help of... you are not going to believe it, but with the help of international students!

Let’s hike Lithuania!!

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How many weekends have you stayed in the dorm or in your shared flat, doing nothing but moan about your hangover? Please, do it, give yourself a moment to count the days and think about it. Aren’t you tired of the sedentary life? Aren’t you sick of hanging out only in the city centre or Akropolis? And what is more, aren’t you willing to discover in a different way the place where you are living such an important moment of your life?

What is this blog about?

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Hello, hello hello!

This blog borns from erasmus for erasmus! But of course also for any foreigner or local that comes to read… or write!

"Hold on… write?" Yes! One of the main reasons I wanted to create this blog was anyone being able to share their experiences in Vilnius…

Godmother says

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Aš labai džiaugiuosi šiuo nauju dalyku, tikiuosi, kad jis pasiteisins ir mūsų studentai pildys šią skiltį! Woooohooo

I am extremely excited about this new feature! The new ESN VU baby was born!

Su meile/Always yours



First post best post

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Taigi, gimė ESN VU blogas, kuriame užsienio studentai galės dalintis savo patirtimi, įspūdžiais, patarimais ir t.t. O gal ir aš pats ką nors pridėsiu. Šiai dienai neturiu ką papasakoti, tad jei kas nors nori pasidalinti savo mintimis, žinote kur mane rasti.

And so the ESN VU blog has seen the light. This is the place where foreign students can share their experiences, impressions, give advice and so on. Maybe I'll add something myself. I don't have anything to add for now, so if anyone wants to contribute, you know where to find me.